How do I lodge a NC complaint?

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NC complaint stands for non-cognizable complaint. Give information as a similar manner as explained under F.I.R. The officer in-charge would reduce the complaint in writing and give a copy thereof to the complainant free of cost. No police officer can investigate a non-cognizable case unless he obtains prior permission of a Magistrate having power to… Read more »

Differences between Cognizable and Non-cognizable Offences?

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Cognizable offences are those offences for which a police officer may arrest without court mandated warrant in accordance with the first schedule of the code. For non-cognizable cases the police officer may arrest only after being duly authorized by a warrant. Non-cognizable offences are, generally, relatively less serious offences than cognizable ones.

What is cognizable offence?

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Cognizable offence means a police officer has the authority to make an arrest without a warrant. The police is also allowed to start an investigation with or without the permission of a court.