What is todays’ scenario over administrative actions in india?

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Judicial review is central in dealing with the malignancy in the exercise of power. However, in the changed circumstances of socio-economic development in the country the Court is emphasizing ‘self restraint’. Unless the administrative action is violative of law or the Constitution or is arbitrary or mala fide, Courts should not interfere in administrative decisions… Read more »

What is grounds for judicial review of administrative actions?

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Grounds for Judicial Review of Administrative Actions are- 1. Illegality 2. Irrationality 3. Procedural impropriety 4. Proportionality Judicial review : ‘Judicial review’ may be defined as a “Court’s power to review the actions of others branches of government, especially the Court’s power to invalidate legislative and executive actions as being unconstitutional”. Broadly speaking, judicial review… Read more »