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What are the Objectives of the National Environment Policy 2006?

What are the Objectives of the National Environment Policy 2006?

Objectives of the National Environment Policy 2006 are – 

  • Conservation of Critical Environmental Resources
  • Intra-generational Equity: Livelihood Security for the Poor
  • Inter-generational Equity
  • Integration of Environmental Concerns in Economic and Social Development:
  • Efficiency in Environmental Resource Use
  • Environmental Governance
  • Enhancement of Resources for Environmental Conservation.

National Environment Policy 2006 is a response to our national commitment to a clean environment, mandated in the Constitution in Articles 48 A and 51 A (g), (DPSP) strengthened by judicial interpretation of Article 21. It is recognized that the maintenance of the Healthy environment is not the responsibility of the state alone. It is the responsibility of every Citizen and thus a spirit of partnership is to be realized through the environment Management of the country.

Environmental Law is a complex combination of state, federal, and international treaty law pertaining to issues of concern to the environment and protecting natural resources.


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