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What are the steps in the registration process for patent?

What are the steps in the registration process for patent?

Following are the steps in the registration process –

  • File a patent application in the IPO
  • Patent application is published after 18 months or one has to request for early publication
  • File a request for examination along with requisite fees within 48 months from date of filing-without the request the application will not be examined (Form 18)
  • First Examination Report (FER) is issued if Patent office is not satisfied
  • 12 months time to respond to the FER
  • Pre-grant opposition can be filed by any person after the date of publication of application but before the grant of patent
  • If requirements are satisfied, patent will be granted and notified in the Patent Office Journal.

A Patent is an exclusive monopoly rights granted by the Government to an inventor over his invention for a limited period of time. Patent is recognition to the form of intellectual property manifested in invention.

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