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What documents are required to be enclosed with Form 6A?

What documents are required to be enclosed with Form 6A?

One recent passport size coloured photograph, duly affixed in Form 6A, photo- copies of the relevant pages of the passport containing photograph, his address in India and all other particulars of the applicant and also the page of passport containing the valid visa endorsement.

Every Indian citizen staying in a foreign country, who has not acquired citizenship of a foreign country, and has completed 18 years as on 1st January of the year, can make an application in Form 6A for being registered in the roll for the constituency pertaining to the locality in which his place of residence in India as mentioned in the passport is located. The application in Form 6A can be presented to the registration officer concerned.

The applicant should have completed eighteen years of age as on 1st January of the year. For example, if the application is for inclusion of name in the electoral roll with reference to 01-01-2016 as the qualifying date, the applicant should have completed 18 years as on 01-01-2016.

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