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What is exclusive license and non-exclusive license in copyright?

What is exclusive license and non-exclusive license in copyright?

  • Exclusive License: It means a specific right is granted to a single owner. Licensee (individual or companies) solely has the right to use copy or distribute such work in the specific way as per the license. Example: Exclusive Right to publish a book in English is specifically given to a publisher say X in India for 10 years. However, the Publisher does not have the exclusive right to publish such book in any other language and in any other country for 10 years.
  • Non-exclusive License: Licensor can give specific rights to use copy or distribute more than one license (individual or companies). Example: non–exclusive right to sell a software CD is specifically given to two publishers say for example X and Y in India for 10 years tenure.

The initial registration of a trademark shall be for a period of ten years but may be renewed from time to time for an unlimited period by payment of the renewal fees.

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