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  • Ram


    Dear Sir/Madam,

    We at Dr.Ambedkar Government Law College, Chennai are hosting Fiat Justitia 2015, National Moot Court Competition and would like to invite Law Students and Law schools through your website. How and whom do we contact to provide more information such as Invitation, rules, moot problem, registration form, etc.

    Thanking You.


  • Ram


    We at Dr.Ambedkar Government Law College, Chennai are hosting Fiat Justitia 2015 National Moot Court Competition and would like to invite Law Students and Law Schools through your website.

    How and whom do we contact to provide more information such as invitation, rules, moot problem, etc.

  • Robert Grey


    Dear Sir/Madam

    Hope you are doing well.

    I’d like to know if you would be interested in acquiring the domain name BharatPhone,COM

    I am willing to offer it to you at a cheap price.

    Please let me know if you are interested.

    With Best Regards

    Robert Grey
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  • saikat


    i have been applied for scheduled caste certificate in the month of march from kolkata but did not get yet.what should i do?where should i complain?

  • Hello Webmaster,

    I am a marketing professional in Thomson Reuters. I would like to register our New legal career training program – Advance Program in Contract Drafting on your site. Please let me know you procedures.


  • Abcd


    The worst hit are patients who are treated by dentists who purposely damage the teeth to have a lucrative practise.The medical council could mantain the discipline in the medical profession. The patient cannot be reduced to a consumer of services by a medical practitioner, dental surgeons.Everyone cannot run to the consumer court more so as none will treat him.Is this practical problem understood .If so there should be a public interest litigation calling upon the council of dental surgeon and medical council to frame disciplinary rules and Ofcourse apply and implement them else disqualify the practitioner to avoid more patients to get victimised by them which is reduced to an unfair the trade practise.

  • G. C. Mathur


    I am in consumer protection for the last 30 years and am heading an organisation called Binty. I have a case before the National Consumer Disputes Redressal Commission (NCDRC) pending since 2003, having come up for Final Arguments/Hearings a number of times. The case is in public interest against the chemists trade (All India Orgn of Chemists & Druggists & Others) in India for overcharging the tax on sales to consumers in the name of Local Taxes Extra, but not mentioning the same in the cash memo which I protested both as a consumer and also on behalf of the fellow consumers. My prayer originally sought a refund of rs.200 crores approximately to be to be calculated at the time of final order which was expected within 6 months at the most. But there were adjournments for one excuse or the other. During this pendency a very intersting ordeer was passed by the President Mr. B. Shah saying that since the VAT was on way, there would ot be any such complaint and that there was no hurry. The VAT did not solve any problem but over the years it provided unspoken and undue profits in black to the chemists trade as a result of which the situation enlarged the scope of the prayer in my last amendment that was asked for by the new Banech in 2012. Now the Bench says that since I have enlarged the scope of the prayer my amended petition was rejected and fixed the next date of hearing on 07.10.2013.

    Now, I am in a great dilema as to how should I proceed in the matter. Since I am not an advocate I need your guidance in the matter, preferably request you to represent my case in NCDRC. It will be appreciated if Shri Prashant Bhushan could kindly spare a few moments at the time and date convenient to him so that I could place the case before him.

  • Dear sirs/madams,
    my father purchased land from his father for consideration which is inheritance property and registration(i.e pat-ta) was completed on my father name since 15 years back without any fraud .now other legal heirs claim that registration done fraudulently and that property required to be shared all heirs.
    Now we don’t have sale deed then how we claim .Please do needful infavour to me

  • Respected Sir,
    Sub:- Redressal of Immense grievances and reinstatement in service requested –
    Branch Manager, Kandukur Branch (0697) and Ongole Branch (1313), ICICI Bank,

    With stanch hope and humble submission I, Mr. Shaik Abdulla of kandukur town submit the following grievances for your perusal and for necessary action to redress my bitter grievances which the management of ICICI Bank injustice to me. The Bank management could not judge my caliber of moral turpitude and alleged as I tried to bribe to my superior officer expecting no wrongful gain. The baseless allegation is only to forfeit my dues (15lakhs above) and my employment.
    2. I earnestly submit copy of my original complaint addressed to the MD & CEO of ICICI Bank Registered office Mumbai. In my complaint I religiously affirmed in the name of Almighty Allah that each word of my complaint is true and I am liable for any punishment if any of the words is proved false. Inspite of the facts the management did not take any action to redress my grievances. After a lapse of 11months they informed me that they had conducted thorough investigation into the matter and informed that I have tried to bribe my superior officer and the officer was consequently removed from service. Despite doing justice to me the management misinterpreted my allegation that the officer has forcibly extracted illegal gratification from me since my business commission went up to Rs. one lakh and above. When I was top position to promote gold business timed the Ongole ICICI Bank official sales manager Mr. Ch Jayakar approached me to take charge ongole branch (ICIC0001313 / NON-MICR / 001313) for gold loan business promoting and I have taken that opportunity from April 2011 to December 2011. After December month the Ongole branch officials without any notice disclosed my services and regularized my sub agent to ICICI Bank Ongole branch(1313). The Officer (N Srinivas) has harassed me by using Extortion (IPC 383) using unparliamentarily language which was intolerable. When I approached the Cluster Bank Manager (CBM) Madanapalle (Mr. N Srinivasa Rao) he at once said before I open my month “ Abdulla I know everything what is going on in Kandukur Branch’ Listening his comment I was taken a back and told Sir ‘The torture of the Manager is beyond my tolerance’ He again asked “Do you propose to commit suicide?’ I said Sir, I am not a coward”.
    3. I could understand that the harassment and demand of illegal gratification of 50% of my business commission has the support of Cluster Bank Manager and the CBM accomplice the Extortion to extract money from me. As soon as the idea flashed in my mind I said good bye to the CBM and walked out of the chamber.
    4. I have mentioned the following points in my complaint where the management has defaulted (Violated).
    (a) Issue of the two months notice as Para 13(b) of standard terms of ICICI Bank.
    (b) Communication of termination on telephone by the Cluster Bank Manager Madanapalle on 30-11-2011 who was not competent as he was not my immediate superior officer.
    (c) Issue of termination order in writing on 15 Mar2012 i.e., after a lapse of 3 1\2 months after I lodge complaint to MD & CEO.
    (d) Forfeited of my Business Commission from May to Nov 2011
    (e) Regional Head, ICICI Bank, Vijayawada was requested to provide information of Business done by me during May to Nov under the provision of RTI Act 2005 on the prescribed format duly affixing court fee stamp worth of Rs. 10/- but no information was provided to me at all.
    (f) The Management allotting business commission from May 2011 month totally different to me and gold loan appraiser Mr. T Suresh Kumar like they deprived my rights.
    5. The investigation said to have been conducted in the matter is not true. I was called
    upon to give my statement at crucial time like dire consequences.
    6. The Management neither took the forfeiture of Business Commission from May to Nov 2011 into consideration nor have they paid the Business Commission till date. Since the termination order issued to me on 15 Mar 2012 did not stipulate any date of termination the Management is bound to pay me average Business Commission till to date of 15 Mar’ 2012.
    7. Immediate payment dues of Business Commission forfeited and Reinstate in Service in the same Bank. The Management has not paid my dues till now. They have mentioned as the all the dues are paid as mentioned in their letter is incorrect and I have processed lot of emails for consideration to my immense grievance but nothing reply till today.
    8. The authorities of ICICI Bank vetting my complaint on redressal of grievance did not scrutinize that the termination order dated 15 Mar 2012 did not specify the reason except some ambiguous allegations. The allegation that I had tried to bribe my superior officer has been misinterpreted to throw blame on me and deprived the justice. It is not understood as to why the management did not observe the contradictory allegations in both of the documents and not assigned the specific reasons for my termination. It is clear that the allegation is baseless and concocted another major thing is in my cluster overall 5 branches and If you investigate their cluster DSA’s (Direct Selling Agents) status and you known easily how much I faced injustice.
    9. Sir, I earnestly request your kind honor to peruse the case and do me justice on humanitarian ground. I would remain grateful to you forever. I enclose Xerox copies of the complaint and connected correspondence thereafter.
    10. I was significantly though submitting several representations for payment of my business commission arrears for period of work, but they have not paid and replied vague.
    11. Since the date of my termination in the Termination Order was given as 15-03-2012, the telephone message given by the CBM, Madanapalle as I was terminated with effect from Dt. 01-12-2011 remaining null and void. As such I request the management to arrange payments of my business commission for period from 01-05-2011 to 14-03-2012. Also, I request the management to reinstate me and issue me a Service (Experience) Certificate for the service provided by me from 22-06-2010 to 14-03-2012 so that I can produce the same as my future employment.

    Yours faithfully

    (Shaik Abdulla)
    Xerox copies of documents connected to the complaint of Sk Abdulla on Redressal of grievance:-
    1.) Complaint to CEO & MD to ICICI Bank, and Appendix ‘A’
    2) Xerox Copy complaint dated 30-06-2011 & 24-01-2012
    3.) DSA (Direct Sales Agent) Agreement & Standard & Terms
    3.) Termination Order on dated 15-03-2012. (07 – V.I)
    4.) Reply to Termination Order
    5.) Report sent to A.P.H.R.C., Hyderabad and Reply letter from APSHRC.
    6.) Legal notice sent to CEO by my Advocate and Reply received from Head Services.
    . 11.) My grievance replies from RBI, India, Ombudsmen (RBI), Hyderabad.

    Address:- H.No:11-2-56\1, Macca Masque Street,
    Kandukur Town, Prakasam District, Andhra Pradesh State, India.
    PIN:–523105. Mobile No:- 9885780501, Email :- sabdulla6@gmail.com

  • my friend aged 42 years is a farmer having 3 acre irrigated agri land,by growing two crops he almost earn Rs 150000 a year & cannot be said unemployed,he has been issued kisan credit card by bank. he wants to be financed under pmegp and want to establish a workshop for preparing iron gates, grills etc under industry segment, also he cannot spare full time for this purpose as it affect his agriculture activities. under which category of PMEGP he should apply . is he eligible for the same . please guide in the matter

  • sandy


    just to check

  • Dear Sirs,
    To brief in short about myself, I am gemmologist by profession based in Bangalore. I take request and look forward for your expertise and guidance for loss of customs bill of entry and related customs documents for an imported car. I have the original RC book and Original N.O.C issued by mumbai central to bangalore central in the year 2006. The vehicle is 1977 model Datsun 280Z and is 36 years old. I am trying to get in touch with customs officials and rto officials in mumbai, Your help and support in my search for copies of customs bill of entry is highly appreciated. We would like to follow all legal steps pertaining to loss of customs documents.
    We bought this car in 2007, Reasons for delay in transfer is due to no availability of spares, good mechanics for engine repair and restoration of the car. With God’s Grace after 4 years, it is restored and is in a running condition. I have faced a lot of hardships in restoration works. Your help and support is highly appreciated.
    Best regards
    Muhammed Almas

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