Sarsuna Law College

Address:- Sarsuna Law College
4/HB/A Ho-Chi-Minh Sarani,
Sarsuna Satellite Township,
Sarsuna, Kolkata, West Bengal 700061

Phone:033 2452 6599
FAX: +9133-24526660

Sarsuna Law College has been established with the sole object to enrich legal profession with its pristine glory as the participants are required to be thoroughly disciplined to bloom into a legal professional and to remember as one of the best Law Colleges in the country, by imparting quality legal education with thrust on betterment of society. The college has as its primary mission, for the creation of the generation diligent, methodical, competent and human lawyers who will not only enter the Bar and the Bench but will also be equipped to address effectively the imperatives of the new Millennium.The study of law is a scientific, philosophical and metaphysical enquiry to question, affirm and reaffirm the fundamental principles of a social order. Law is not the reflection of the State’s regimentation of aesthetic expression or artistic creation but the reflection of a community’s Cultural norms on which mores of law are to develop.Today ‘ The changing concept of Law has become a household word and the world needs a new dynamic Jurisprudence of Law for the new age. Sarsuna Law College is not an ‘Isolated World’ and so it wants to keep it’s tune with the ‘Changing world of Law’. Thus, this School has adopted different distinctive dynamic studies of law for the law students who are the social engineers of future, for example,Cyber Space Laws, Insurance Laws Air & Space Laws, Law & Biotechnology, Computer Laws, Information Technology Laws, Law relating to Human Rights, International Economic Laws etc.

Sarsuna Law College Library has a collection of wide range of Text Books, Reference Books, Journals, Reports, etc. Efforts are always on to keep the library up-dated. Recently the College has installed e-library also in order to facilitate searching of case decisions and references.

Surendranath Law College

Address: Surendranath Law College
24/2, M G Road, Amherst Street,
Amherst Street, Kolkata, West Bengal 700007

Phone: 033 2350 3896

Surendranath College, an institution of higher education with long heritage, was founded in 1884, by the eminent scholar, orator and statesman Rashtraguru Surendranath Banerjea established with the noble vision of fostering a spirit of freedom, sacrifice and lofty idealism in the youth of our country, it has evolved, in course of its hundred and twenty one years of existence, into a premier institution of learning.

Its goal today is to provide quality education to students of all sections of society irrespective of gender, academic and socio-economic standing and to enable them to stand up to the challenges of the new millennium with courage and conviction

Unique Facilities
Being located at the heart of the city the College boasts of bounty of facilities that devise the right mechanism for the congenial environment for the teaching-learning process

Area Of Practice:
Banking & finance, Charity, Civil Litigation Dispute Resolution, commcial, Contruction, Consumer, corporate, Criminal, Employment, Enviromental, Family,
Housing, Human Rights, Immigration & Aslyum, Insurance, Intellectual Property (IP),Personal Injury & Clinical Negligence, Private silent,Property, Public Companies & Equity Finance, Restructing & Insolvency, Shipping, Social Welfare,Tax

Surendranath Law College is full service law college