Kingston Law College

Address: Kingston Law College
P.O: Malikapur, Barasat, North 24 Parganas
Bus stop: Kaji bari
Adjacent to West Bengal State University.
Phone no: 033 2542 9800

Corporate & Corespondence Office
Purbasha, Madhyamgram,
Kolkata-700129, West Bengal
Bus stop: New Barrackpur
Phone No: 033 2538 9508
Tele fax: 033 2538 9509

Kingston Law College is a synergestic product of efficient, talented and visioned minds. It operates in mission mode with a vision for the Law field. The vision generates the best in the field of Law. The main motto of Kingston Law College is to enable our students with the ability to achieve the best by training them up with a fantastic mix of belief and knowledge that sets them apart from any other Law students. The main methodology which we perfect our students is, thinking is the capital, Enterprise is the way, hard work is the solution.

Mission & Vision
The institute is the brainchild of a select group of educationists with innovative ideas, who wanted to implement an integrated and novel approach to education, in India. The holistic growth of a child, in a congenial cognitive atmosphere, where, the unfolding of the petals of imagination, will be stimulating by an analytical spirit, true to the scientific temper of the age, through close interaction with society, is our goal. Such an education will help the students, in earning not for just livelihood, but for living a full and meaningful life. In short, the ultimate mission of Kingston Educational Institute is to make a man complete.

The vision of Kingston Educational Institute is to establish one Educational Campus, for infants to adults, with an aim of reaching the status of a Deemed University in the long run. We intend to facilitate a comprehensive, composite, consistent and complete education system. It is already an unique Educational Institute in the state of West Bengal. We aim to make it equally unique and effective, first, within our country, then, in our continent, and finally, in the entire world.