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Government Law College’s history began 1874 when legal education was started in Kerala by the Maharajah of Travancore sanctioning the organisation of a law class in connection with His Highness College Thiruvanathapuram (now University College Trivandrum). This was intended to enable candidates from Travancore to present themselves for the law examination of Madras University. Those law classes continued until 1894 when the institution was reorganised entirely. The college was raised to the status of an independent college as His Highness the Maharajah’s Law College, Thiruvananthapuram, with W.T.A. Cosby, bar-at-law (judge of the High Court of Travancore who was appointed as professor of law in 1892) as the first principal. A complete set of rules was formulated by the government for the control and regulation of work in the college. The rules prescribed the qualification for members of the teaching staff. The college was maintained by the Maharajah of Travancore from the start and managed until 1909, when it was placed under the Direction of the Public Instruction. In 1910, the college came under the High Court of Travancore. With the inauguration of the Travancore University in 1938, the college was transferred to the control of the university. In 1957, the Kerala University was formed and the college came under it. In 1983, with the establishment of Mahathma Gandhi University at Kottayam, the college became a constituent college of that university and is now affiliated to it.

In August 1949, the college was moved to Ernakulam to fit it with the integration of the former states of Thiruvithamkoor and Kochi and the consequent moving of the Travancore-Cochin High Court from Thiruvananthapuram to Ernakulam. The college has been housed in the old assembly building of Kochi state at Ernakulam since 1949. The college celebrated the centenary of legal education in 1975. In July 1954, a second law college was started at Thiruvananthapuram.

To commemorate the move of the Law College to Ernakulam, the college celebrated its Golden Jubilee in 1999. In 1967/68, the three-year LL.B. course was started and the title of the degree of M.L. was changed to M.L. During 1968/69, the two-year B.L. degree course was abolished. A part-time course for the three-year LL.B. started during 1968/69 but was abolished in 2002.

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