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  • Leela sawant


    1. Husband filed marriage petition in India on the ground of cruelty and when he recognised that he could not success in his petition , he withdrew the petition and filed wrong petition in foreign country and seeks default judgement of divorce in foreign country. There is not any order of permanent maintenance .Only there was interim order which he is also defaulted. he is remarried in foreign country.Father abandoned wife and child in India . can Independent wife claim maintenance for her 15 years old daughter until she completes her higher studies to make independent and marriage cost under criminal code of sec 125.
    2.matrimonial home in India is stealthily sold by husband with out giving any intimation to the wife as she was forced to stay with her mother because he driven her for seeking divorce by mutual consent. under sec 125 of criminal code Independent wife can claim residence for herself and daughter from husband who is well settled in foreign country and obtained default judgement in foreign court.

    3. The daughter( 15 years) is a foreign citizen and mother raised her independently in India as husband abandon her and willingly give the custody of the child. There is only interim order of maintenance . question is that if the husband takes stand that after completion of 18 years , he will take daughter along with her to foreign for her well-being and higher studies as she is a foreign citizen . Mother don’t want to send her daughter to foreign country because she single handed raised her and husband is remarried in foreign country. What legal act says on this context?
    4. Whether foreign decree ( by default is enforceable in India)

  • My father purchased a peace of land in 1975 but due to family pressure he was compelled to add the name of his 3 brothers and 2 cousine brothers as well. now after 21 years of un interuppted living and no claim from any party two cousine brothers have filed a case in local civil court for claiming their part in the land. where my father possess the proof of all
    1.House tax payment
    2. Electricity Payment
    3.Water Tax payment
    4.Name in local municipality
    5. Receipt of payment of land purchase
    but still court is continuining the case….request to guide the similar case ref. where court has

  • Sir,

    Good Morning !

    We wish to state that we have imported goods from Indonesia to India the terms was CIF Nhava Sheva and place of delivery was ICD Tughlakabad. The Shipper has sent scanned copies of B/L and we traced it from net and found that the Cargo reached at Nhava Sheva on 20.01.2014. The place of Delivery is mentioned as ICD Tughlakabad and agent their address is also clearly mentioned on the B/L/, we sent the mail to shipping Company for providing us the Rail Out details. But to our shocking surprise the Shipping Company informed us that they have filed the IGM at Nhava Sheva, whereas it should be filed at ICD Tughlakabad. We ask they why they filed the IGM at Nhava Sheva, they informed us upon the request of the Shipper in Indonesia, we requested them to show the mail from shipper, which they failed to do so till date. We are regularly in touch with them to provide the delivery at ICD Tughlakabad, as we have to sell the goods in New Delhi and we have time bound schedule. The Shipping Company is wasting the time on one pretext or the other in order to Monetary gain of detention charges as the free detention period is over now. We sent a mail to them to provide us the delivery at ICD TKD, they said that they shall confirm from their load port and shipper and wasted another 4-5 days, after they confirmed from shipper and informed us that shipper has no objection in respect of place of delivery but the shipper shall not bear the charges and consignee has to bear the charges, we wrote them that ok, we shall bear the charges but under protest and also informed that we do not have any arrangement at Nhava Sheva for clearance of Cargo. Then they sent formats for amendment in IGM and various request letters addressed to D.C. Customs on our letter head. We requested them this is not our fault and you are deliberately deli delaying the process intentionally.

    Thereafter the Shipping Company instructed us to surrender the Original
    B/L at their Delhi office and they shall arrange the IGM amendment on our behalf. Now they again started demanding us charges and same request letters on our letter head and various other documents viz. Invoice Packing List and copy of IEM. They are also saying that this process is very time consuming. Moreover till date they are silent about the detention charges.

    Please advice and guide how we should proceed further, since we are made to dance on the tunes of Shipping Company till date. As not only its harassment and mental pain apart from financial loss.

  • A Legal query:
    A purchased shares from the company B
    Allotment letter sent but not received by B. Can A be considered as share holder?


  • smita ramteke


    In need information about NGO in sardarshahar & its contact detail

  • R.Alamsha


    As per Indian constitution, children who are born outside India to an Indian father and a non-Indian mother are Indian citizens by birth and can get Indian passport from the Indian missions abroad. Hence the child automatically inherits the nativity of the father also. Can the TN authorities deny nativity certificate for an Indian citizen by birth?

  • R.Alamsha


    NRI children are denied nativity certificate and the right for admission under state quota in Engineering and Medical colleges in Tamil Nadu. Is it against the constitutional rights of an Indian citizen?



    Are there any rulings as to sharing common expenses in Apartments in India in different states. It seems sharing equally is ideal and sharing on sft. size of the Apt. is meaningless as all flat owners have equal right and privilege in common utilities like lifts, STP/ETP, water motor, common lights, security, garden, swimming pool, play areas etc. etc.

    Kindly suggest the links with case laws in High Courts and Supreme court judgments.

    Any legal aid centers at Chennai to help to file PIL petition

    94449 51448

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