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Patna High Court – Orders
Most. Sheo Bachani Devi vs The State Of Bihar &Amp; Anr on 17 March, 2011
                         Cr.Misc. No.39746 of 2010
                              TINKU CHOUDHARY
                         1. THE STATE OF BIHAR
                         2. Sanjeev Kumar
                         Cr.Misc. No.44905 of 2010
                    1. SANJAI @ SANJAY CHAUDHARY @ SANJAY
                    2. Hira Lal Chaudhary @ Vikki
                         1. THE STATE OF BIHAR
                         2. Sanjeev Kumar
                          Cr.Misc. No.45277 of 2010
                           MOST. SHEO BACHANI DEVI
                          1. THE STATE OF BIHAR
                          2. Sanjeev Kumar

2/ 17.03.2011 Heard learned counsel for the petitioners and learned

counsel for the State.

Land was agreed to sell for which advance was also

there but sale could not be executed. Land was pleged to the State

Co-operative Bank but the same was not cleared. Executant of the

deed is dead now and having similar allegation, co-accused, Gopal

Chaudhari and Mantu Chaudhary are allowed bail by the Sessions

Judge, while petitioners’ prayer has been refused. Title Suit is

pending to enforce the execution or for appropriate relief.

Considering the facts and circumstances of the case,

prayer of the petitioners is allowed.

In the event of arrest or surrender within one month

from the date of receipt/production of a copy of this order in

connection with Complaint Case No. 214C of 2009 above named

petitioners shall be released on bail on furnishing bail bond of Rs.

10,000/- (ten thousand) each with two sureties of the like amount

each to the satisfaction of J.M., Ist Class, Patna subject to the

conditions as laid down under Section 438(2) of Cr. P.C.

shail                             (Mandhata Singh, J.)

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