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Jharkhand High Court
Sunil Kumar Yadav @ Sunil Yadav @ … vs State Of Jharkhand & Anr on 24 March, 2011
                               A.B.A. No. 483 of 2011
           1. Sunil Kumar Yadav @ Sunil Yadav @ Gorakh Yadav
           2. Anil Yadav
           3. Sushil Yadav @ Sushil Kumar Yadav
           4. Kundan Devi                                   ...    ...      Petitioners
                               ­V e r s u s­
           The State of Jharkhand & Another         ...       ...      Opposite Parties
           For the Petitioners        : ­ Mr. Manoj Kumar No.­2, Advocate.
           For the State              : ­ Mr. V.S. Jha, A.P.P.

Anticipatory   bail   application   filed   by   Sunil   Kumar   Yadav   @ 
Sunil   Yadav  @   Gorakh   Yadav,   Anil   Yadav,   Sushil   Yadav   @  Sushil 
Kumar Yadav and Kundan Devi, is moved by Sri Manoj Kumar No.­2, 
learned   counsel   for   the   petitioners   and   opposed   by   Sri   V.S.   Jha, 
learned counsel for the State.

Apart from other offences, accusation was also made against 
the   petitioners   under   Sections   3/4   of   Scheduled   Castes   and 
Scheduled Tribes (Prevention of Atrocities) Act. Thus, as per Section 
18   of   the   aforesaid   Act,   this   anticipatory   bail   application   is   not 

Accordingly, the anticipatory bail application is dismissed.


    (Prashant Kumar, J.)

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