Allahabad University: Electoral process for Women Empowerment Cell

Allahabad University is ready to hold elections for the constitution of the Women Empowerment Board (WEB) on the campus after the delay of three years.

 The elections for WEB (among the teachers) will be held on August 6 and Prof Deepa Punetha of psychology department has been appointed as the returning officer for the elections. “The elections for the teachers will be held for electing five representatives and one director of WEB. Any female permanent faculty member can contest the elections for the members’ representatives while 84 permanent female teachers will electing these five members and the WEB director,” Punetha said.

 She said any female permanent teacher of Allahabad University can fill the form for giving their names for contesting the election, among whom one has to be from science faculty. The teachers can give their names for contesting the elections till July 26 and on July 27, the final list of candidates will be declared. Though for five posts, any female faculty can contest, for the post of director, only female professors (numbering 36 at AU) can contest.

 The Allahabad University ordinance mentions provision of a platform for female students of Allahabad University and the Executive Council (EC) had also taken up the issue of WEB, constitution of which is ready for the past three years. WEB would have a representation from teachers, students and employees. It would have 20 elected members, including six female professors and an equal number of female students with representatives of research scholars, postgraduate and undergraduate students. It will also have female representatives from grade C and D employees. Dean Students Welfare will also be one of the members of WEB.

 Though WEB has not been named as Sexual Harassment Cell, there would be a separate cell within its ambit as would be several other cells depending on the nature of complaints. Moreover, there are provisions of mild to strict punishment for the culprits. There would be punishment for eve-teasers to those getting indulged in sexually or otherwise too, harassing girls on the campus. Guilty students could be rusticated or denied degree while employees and teachers could be suspended or sacked as part of the punishment.

 “Though things have been delayed for sometime but WEB would soon become functional,” said a member associated with its formation.