Court questions police on ‘wrongdoing’ in orphanage

The Delhi High Court Thursday asked Delhi Police whether they would investigate alleged trafficking of minor children from an orphanage here.

 Justice Ajit Bharihoke said: ‘Delhi Police are directed to clarify their stand whether or not they are inclined to investigate into the functioning of Bal Vihar Orphanage Centre from the angle of the trafficking of children.’

 ‘Delhi police will have to file a written response clarifying their stand within four weeks,’ said the court.

 The court was hearing a petition where it was mentioned that March 10, 2008 a statement was made on behalf of the orphanage that they had around 150 inmates (minor children of different age groups), while a government inspection four months later found the inmate strength to be 77.

 ‘It has also been recorded that on Aug 5, 2008 the number of inmates increased to 108,’ the petition said, adding that this sudden rise and fall in the number of inmates raised suspicion of wrongdoing.