”Court fee, marriage bills tabled in Delhi assembly”

The Court Fees (Delhi Amendment) Bill, 2012 — which proposes a 10-fold hike in fees — was introduced in the Assembly on Thursday.

The Bill, approved by the Delhi cabinet in April, seeks to do away with stamp paper of all denominations and proposes a shift to the electronic-stamping facility, a move aimed at ensuring hassle-free transactions.

Once the new rate comes into effect, revenue collection from court fees is expected to go up to Rs 500 crore annually from Rs 50 crore.

The Delhi government also tabled the Delhi Registration of Marriage Bill in the Assembly. If passed, the bill will make it mandatory for every couple to register their marriage within 60 days of the wedding. Failure to do so will fetch a penalty of Rs 10,000. Also, if the couple provides any faulty information, they can be sent to jail.

The Bill, which will be opened for discussion in the Assembly on Friday, makes registration of all marriages mandatory under the Hindu Marriage Act or Special Marriage Act.

(Source:Times Of India)

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