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Can a will be registered even after death of testator?

Can a will be registered even after death of testator?

Yes, claiming party under the will have to produce will, records relating to the death of the testator, witnesses and the scribe before the Sub Registrar. If Sub Registrar is satisfied about the truth and genuineness of the execution of the will, he will register.

There is a procedure called “will enquiry” to be followed by the Registrar/Sub Registrar to register a will presented after the death of the testator.

Will– A testamentary document by which a person bequeaths his property to be effective on his death is a will. The property will devolve on the person in whose favour it is bequeathed after death of testator.


Condition of execute a will –

a) Any person above the age of 18 years and mentally sound may execute will, but will caused by fraud or coercion or by importunately will not be valid. Therefore a will must be executed voluntarily.
b) Parents or guardians cannot execute will on behalf of minors or lunatics.
c) Attestation by minimum two witnesses is necessary.
d) Scribe (deed writer / advocate) cannot be called witness. Two independent attesting witnesses other than the scribe or necessary.
e) Beneficiary under a will should not sign as attesting witness.
In order to avoid disputes in implementation of a will, description of property and the beneficiaries should be clearly be written without giving room for any doubt.

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