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Yes, the limitation Act 1963 applies to Arbitration as it applies to proceedings to court. For the purposes of limitation Act 1963 the Arbitration shall be dimmed to have commenced on the date on which a request for that dispute to be referred to Arbitration is made and received by the respondent.

Where an Arbitration agreement to submit future dispute to Arbitration provides that any claim to which agreement applies shall be bar unless some step to commence Arbitration is taken within a time fixed by the agreement and a dispute arises to which the agreement applies, the court, if it is of opinion that in the circumstances of the case undue hardship would otherwise be caused, and not withstanding that the times of fixed has expired, may on such terms if any as the justice of the case may require, extend the time for such period as it thinks proper.

Where the court orders that the arbitral award be set aside, the period between the commencement of the Arbitration and the date of the order of the court shall be excluded in computing the time prescribed by the Limitation Act, for the commencement of the proceedings (including Arbitration) with respect to the dispute so submitted.

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