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How are geographical indications protected?

How are geographical indications protected?

There are three main ways to protect a geographical indication –

  • so-called sui generis systems (i.e. special regimes of protection)
  • using collective or certification marks.
  • methods focusing on business practices, including administrative product approval schemes.

These approaches involve differences with respect to important questions, such as the conditions for protection or the scope of protection. On the other hand, two of the modes of protection — namely sui generis systems and collective or certification mark systems — share some common features, such as the fact that they set up rights for collective use by those who comply with defined standards.

Broadly speaking geographical indications are protected in different countries and regional systems through a wide variety of approaches and often using a combination of two or more of the approaches outlined above.

These approaches have been developed in accordance with different legal traditions and within a framework of individual historical and economic conditions.

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