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A. The parties shall not rely on or introduce as evidence in arbitration or judicial proceedings, whether or not such proceedings relate to the dispute that is the subject of the conciliation proceedings to the extent as follow :-


i) Views expressed or suggestions made by the other parties in respect of a possible settlement of the dispute;


ii) admissions made by the other party in the course of the conciliation proceedings;


iii) proposals made by the conciliator;


iv) the fact that the other party had indicated his willingness to accept a proposal for settlement made by a conciliator. (Section 81)


Notes for general information :-


1) The High Court may make rules consistent with the said Act as to all proceedings before the Court under the said Act. (Section 82)


2) The Central Government has been given the power to make such provisions by order, published in Official Gazette not inconsistent with the provisions of the said Act as appear to it, to be necessary to expedient for removing the difficulty if any within a period of two years from the period of commencement of the said Act. (Section 83)


3) The Central Government may by notification in the Official Gazette, make rules for carrying out the provisions of the said Act. (Section 84)


4) The arbitration (Protocol and Convention) Act 1937, the Arbitration Act 1940 and the foreign awards (recognition and enforcement), 1961 are repealed with the commencement of the said Act. However, it may be noted that not withstanding such repeal the provisions of the old enactments which have been repealed shall apply in relation to arbitration proceedings which commenced before the said Act came into force, unless otherwise agreed by the parties, but the said Act shall apply in relation to arbitration proceedings which commenced on or after the said Act came into force.


Furthermore all rules and notifications published, under the said enactments shall to the extent to which they are not repugnant to the said Act, be deemed respectively to have been made or issued under the said Act.




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