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1. on a reference being made to it by the Central Government ; or

2. on an application of not less than one hundred members of the company or of members of the company holding not less than one-tenth of the total voting power therein,

is satisfied, after such inquiry as it deems fit to make, that it is necessary to make the appointment or appointments in order to prevent the affairs of the company being conducted either in a manner which is oppressive to any members of the company or in a manner which is prejudicial to the interests of the company or to public interest.

However, in lieu of passing order as aforesaid, the Company Law Board may, if the company has not availed itself of the option given to it of proportional representation to minority shareholders on the Board of the company, direct the company to amend its articles in the manner provided section 265 and make fresh appointments of directors in pursuance of the articles as so amended within such time as may be specified in that behalf by the Company Law Board.

In case the Central Government passes such an order it may, if thinks fit, direct that until new directors are appointed in pursuance of the order aforesaid, not more than two members of the company specified by the Company law Board shall hold office as additional directors of the company. The Central Government shall appoint such additional directors on such directions.

The person appointed as a director by the Central Government in accordance with the above provisions, need not hold any qualification shares nor need to retire by rotation. However, his office as director may be terminated at any time by the Central Government and another person appointed in his place.

No change in the constitution of the Board of Directors can take place after an additional director is appointed by the Central Government in accordance with these provisions unless approved by the Company Law Board.

The Central Government in such cases may also issue such directions to the company as it may consider necessary or appropriate in regard to its affairs.

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