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Is the presence of lawyer must in mediation hall?

Is the presence of lawyer must in mediation hall?

Normally only the parties concerned have to be present in the mediation centre. E.g. in a divorce proceedings only husband, wife and the mediator should be present.

For assistance advocates can be present. There are instances where parents, relatives and friends are reported to be inside the mediation room. You have the right to object the presence of the persons who are not petitioner/respondent.

Preparation is to be done for mediation – Reach the mediation centre in advance and recollect your case. Never give in to blackmail/threaten/extortion. Be cool and remember you have the option to speak to the mediator one to one.

The outcome of the mediation – The outcome of the mediation is normally out-of-court settlement agreed by both the parties which is signed by both the parties and then presented to the judge for his consideration. It includes all pending cases criminal and civil.

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