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Is there any fee for filing such representation for pre-grant opposition?

Is there any fee for filing such representation for pre-grant opposition?

There is no fee for filing representation for pre-grant opposition?  This can be filed by any person.

A patent specification can be prepared by the applicant himself or his registered and authorized agent. The patent specification generally comprises of the title of the invention indicating its technical field, prior art, draw backs in the prior art, the solution provided by the inventor to obviate the drawbacks of the prior art, a concise but sufficient description of the invention and its usefulness, drawings (if Any) and details of best method of its working. The complete specification must contain at least one claim or statement of claims defining the scope of the invention for which protection is sought for.

Indian Patent Law follows first to file system.  Provisional specification describes the nature of the invention to   have the priority date of filing of the application in which the inventive idea has been disclosed. It must be followed by a complete specification describing the details of the invention along with a statement of claims within 12 months after filing of the provisional application.  If the complete specification is not filed within the prescribed period, the application is treated as deemed to have been abandoned

Generally, an application filed with provisional specification is known as provisional application which is useful in establishing a priority date for your invention.  Moreover, filing of a provisional application is useful as it gives sufficient time to the applicant to assess and evaluate the market potential of his invention before filing complete specification.  However, it is not necessary to file an application with provisional specification and one can file application directly with complete specification.

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