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In case of an International Commercial Arbitration the Chief Justice of India or the person or institution designated by him may appoint an Arbitrator of a nationality other than the nationality of the parties where the parties belong to different nationalities. The Chief Justice may make such scheme as he may deal appropriate for dealing with matters entrusted to him under Section 11 of the 1996 Act. Where the matters referred to in Section 11and the sub-sections their under regarding appointment of an Arbitrator or the third Arbitrator arise in an International Commercial Arbitration, the reference to Chief Justice in the relevant sub-sections under Section 11 shall be construed as a reference to the “Chief Justice of India”. In any other Arbitration the reference to “Chief Justice” shall be construed as a reference to the Chief Justice of the High Court within whose limits the principal civil court which has Jurisdiction is situate and where the High Court itself is the Court referred to the Chief Justice of that High Court.




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