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What are provisions related to Disposal of Appeals and Complaints by the CIC?

What are provisions related to Disposal of Appeals and Complaints by the CIC?

The Central Information Commission decides the appeals and complaints and conveys its decision to the appellant/complainant and first appellate authority/CPIO.

The Commission may decide an appeal/complaint after hearing the parties to the appeal/complaint or by inspection of documents produced by the appellant/complainant and CPIO or such senior officer of the public authority who decided the first appeal.

If the Commission chooses to hear the parties before deciding the appeal or the complaint, the Commission will inform of the date of hearing to the appellant or the complainant at least seven clear days before the date of hearing. The appellant/complainant has the discretion to be present in person or through his authorized representative at the time of hearing or may opt not to be present.

RTI stands for “Right to Information”. Right to Information is a fundamental right that every citizen has! Basically, the RTI gives you all the information that you want about the Govt. and what they are doing with your tax money!

You have the right to ask our Government, why the roads outside your house are not fixed? Why have you not received your “€œration card”€ as yet? Why is there so much garbage in your area that is not picked up etc.

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