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What are the benefits of early recording of FIR?

What are the benefits of early recording of FIR?

The FIR should be got recorded as early as possible, after the offence in questions. The early recording of FIR helps in the arrest of the real offenders and also helps in the collection of evidence of the crime.

The version given in the FIR recorded without undue delay is considered more reliable by the Courts. Delay in reporting the matter to the police can raise suspicion that the version may be colored or concocted or an exaggerated account of the incident or innocent persons may have been roped in. The reason for delay should also be explained in the F.I.R.

F.I.R. means First Information Report, made to police, about commission of a cognizable offence, In effect, it amounts to putting law in to motion by giving information relating to the commission of a cognizable offence to an officer in charge of a police station, (which shall be reduced into writing and read over to  the informant) and shall be signed by the person giving such information. It is mandatory to give a copy of the first information report (as recorded by police) to the complainant or informant free of cost.

Any person who is victim of an offence or who is a witness to any such offence or who has knowledge about the commission of any such offence can lodge an F.I.R.

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