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What are the characteristics of administrative tribunals?

What are the characteristics of administrative tribunals?

Following are the main characteristics of administrative tribunals –

  • Administrative Tribunals is the creation of a statute.
  • An Administrative Tribunals is vested in the judicial power of the State and thereby performance quasi-judicial functions as distinguished form pure administrative functions.
  • Administrative Tribunals is bound to act judicially and follow the principles of natural justice.
  • It has some of the trapping of a court and are required to act openly, fairly and impartially.
  • An administrative Tribunal is not bound by the strict rules of procedure and evidence prescribed by the civil procedure court.

Let us now study the evolution of the Administrative Tribunals with special reference to Central Administrative Tribunal, State and Joint Administrative Tribunals, their jurisdiction, powers and authority. The composition of the Tribunal and its functioning will also be dealt with.

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