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1.A charge which is compulsorily registarble but which is not registered is void. This does not mean that the creditors cannot recover their dues. It merely means that the benefit of the charged security will not be available to them.

2.Although the security becomes void by non-registration, it does not affect the contract or obligation of the company to repay the money thereby secured.

3.Omission to registrar particulars of charge is required punishable with fine. A company or every officer of company is in default shall be liable to fine upto Rs 500 for each day of continuing default. A further fine of Rs. 1000 may be impose on the company and every officer for other defaults relating to registration of charges.

Wherever the terms and conditions or the extent of the operation of any registered charge is modified , the company is required to file the particulars of modification within 30days thereof with the Registrar of Companies.

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