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What are the details to give when filing an FIR?

What are the details to give when filing an FIR?

If you are a victim or witness of a crime give clear descriptions of all that you experienced, saw or remember. If you are filing an FIR for a crime that you have second hand knowledge of, then report exactly what you were told or what you heard. Information should never be exaggerated or false.

Important details to include are the date, time, location and a description of the culprits or people involved. The sequence of events that occurred and details of what each person did or said.

When giving details in an FIR report try and be as objective as possible and not let emotions come in the way. Stick to the facts and keep the report free from any assumptions or conclusions you might have drawn.

FIR – The First Information Report regarding commission of a cognizable offence is referred to as FIR. It is recorded by the police in register prescribed for that purpose by the State Government.

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