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What are the distinction between Libel and Slander?

What are the distinction between Libel and Slander?

Slander may be the result of a sudden provocation uttered in the heat of the moment, while the libel implies grater deliberation and raises a suggestion of malice.

Libel is likely to cause more harm to the person defamed than slander. Because there is a strong tendency everywhere on the part of most people to believe anything they see in print.

In general slander is actionable only on proof of special damage, but in exceptional cases slander is actionable per se or without proof of special damage. Words which are not defamatory in their ordinary sense may, nevertheless, convey a defamatory meaning owing to the circumstances in which they are spoken. Such words are actionable if it is proved that would be understood as defamatory by the persons to whom they were published.

File for Defamation :

A mans reputation is his property. It is a jus in rem, a right good against all the world. IPC 498a libel comes under libel(written) and when published in newspapers. It is of permanent form and criminal in nature. Cause of action arises when statement or complaint is (i) false, (ii) in writing; (iii) defamatory; and (iv) published.

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