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Without a chairman, a meeting is incomplete. The chairman is the regulator of the meeting. His duties include the following :-

He must ensure that the meeting is properly convened and constituted i.e. that proper notice has been given, that the required quorum is present, etc.

He must ensure that the provisions of the act and the articles in regard to the meeting and its procedures are observed.

He must ensure that business is taken in the order set out in agenda and no business which is not mentioned in the agenda is taken up unless agreed to by the members.

He must impartially regulate the proceedings of the meeting and maintain discipline at the meeting.

He may exercise his powers of adjournment of the meeting, should he in good faith feel that such a step is necessary. The chairman has the power to adjourn the meeting in case of indiscipline at the meeting. A chairman however does not have the power to stop or adjourn the meeting at his own will and pleasure. If he adjourns the meeting prematurely, the members present may decide to continue the meeting and elect another chairman and proceed with the business for which it was convened.

He must exercise his power to order a poll correctly and must order it to be taken when demanded properly.

He must exercise his casting vote bonafide in the interest of the company.

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