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What are the eligibility criteria of becoming a patent agent?

What are the eligibility criteria of becoming a patent agent?

Patent agent is a registered person with Indian Patent Office whose name is entered in the patent agent register after being declared qualified the patent agent examination conducted by the patent office and who is entitled—

  • To ractice before the Controller.
  • To prepare all documents, transact all business and discharge such other functions as may be prescribed in connection with any proceeding before the Controller under this Act.

Eligibility conditions for registration as patent agents are below.-

A person shall be qualified to have his name entered in the register of patent agents if he fulfills the following conditions, namely—

  • He is a citizen of India
  • He has completed the age of 21 years.
  • He has obtained a degree in science, engineering or technology from any university established under law for the time being in force in the territory of India or possesses such other equivalent qualifications as the Central Government may specify in this behalf,

and, in addition,—

(i) has passed the qualifying examination prescribed for the purpose; or

(ii) has, for a total period of not less than ten years, functioned either as an examiner or discharged the functions of the Controller under section 73 or both, but ceased to hold any such capacity.

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