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What are the future role of administrative law?

What are the future role of administrative law?

The administrative law has come to stay because it provides an instrument of control of the exercise of administrative powers. The administrative law has to seek balance between the individual right and public needs.

As we know in the society there exists conflict between power and justice wherever there is power, there exist probabilities of excesses in exercise of the power. One way is to do nothing about this and let the celebrated Kautilyan Matsanayaya (big fish eating little fish) prevail. The other way is to try and combat this.

Administrative law identifies the excesses of power and endeavors to combat there. The learned Author, Upender Baxi, while commenting on the administrative law has rightly observed in.

Therefore easy access to justice is considered important form of accountability this may include

  • informal procedure,
  • speedy and less expensive trial,
  • legal aid,
  • public interest litigation,
  • easy bail etc.

Further, the multifarious activities of the state extended to every social problems of man such as health education employment, old age pension production, control and distribution of commodities and other operations public utilities. This enjoins a new role for administration and also for the development of administrative law. Separ


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