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What are the points to keep in mind once one reaches the foreign country offering employment?

What are the points to keep in mind once one reaches the foreign country offering employment?

Once you reach the destination country where you have been given a job, you should always remember that:

  • You should not lose your passport at any cost
  • You should not sign any other agreement or any blank piece of paper.
  • You should not strike work or resort to agitations, because it is illegal and you can be sent back to India.
  • You should always keep the address and telephone number of the Indian embassy with you.
  • You should report all grievances to the Indian embassy.

A person can take up employment in a foreign country either through a registered recruiting agent or directly through a foreign employer or a project exporter.

For protection and security of women emigrants, no emigration clearance is granted to women below 30 years of age holding ECR pasport. This restriction applies to women emigrants having ECR endorsed passports and going to any of the 17 ECR countries.

In case of ad by a Registered Recruiting Agent, it must be checked that registration certificate number is clearly mentioned. Similarly, ads by Foreign Employers and Project Exporters should indicate their permit number. Full address with Telephone Number, Post Box Number, e-mail address of the advertiser should be mentioned in addition to the job and salary particulars to enable the respondent to check the veracity of the job and the employers.

Attestation of employment documents by the Indian Mission concerned is mandatory in the case of recruitment of “unskilled workers” and “housemaids” for any of 17 ECR countries. Aattestation is required for all categories of workers in Yemen, Lebanon, Libya, Jordan, Sudan and Kuwait.

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