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What are the sources of administrative law?

What are the sources of administrative law?

There are four principal sources of administrative law in India:-

• Constitution of India

• Acts and Statutes

• Ordinances, Administrative directions, notifications and Circulars

• Judicial decisions

The Indian Institution of Law has defined Administrative Law in the following words;

“ Administrative Law deals with the structure, powers and functions of organs of administration, the method and procedures followed by them in exercising their powers and functions, the method by which they are controlled and the remedies which are available to a person against them when his rights are infringed by their operation.”

Administrative Law is the law related with the administrative functions of the Administrative Agencies (the Government and its Departments). The Law involves the study of the following broad topics:

  • Check abuse or detournment of administrative power
  • Ensuring citizens an impartial determination of their disputes by officials
  • Protect citizens from unauthorized encroachment on their rights and interests
  • Make those who exercise public power be accountable to people


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