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What are the steps in the registration process of patent?

What are the steps in the registration process of patent?

Following are the steps in the registration process:

I. File a patent application in the IPO

II. Patent application is published after 18 months or one has to request for early publication

III. File a request for examination along with requisite fees within 48 months from date of filing-without the request the application will not be examined (Form 18)

IV. First Examination Report (FER) is issued if Patent office is not satisfied

V 12 months time to respond to the FER

VI. Pre-grant opposition can be filed by any person after the date of publication of application but before the grant of patent

VII. If requirements are satisfied, patent will be granted and notified in the Patent Office Journal.

Once the application has been drafted, one needs to file the patent application with the Indian Patent Office in the prescribed format and submit it along with the requisite fees. One can also file their patent application online. For more information log on to

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