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What could be possible reasons of Delay?

What could be possible reasons of Delay?

Reasons of the delay on the part of complainant is mentioned as “DOC”. Reasons of the dlelay on the part of police/ is mentioned as “DOP”.

1. Physical condition of the informer (DOC).

2. Psychological condition of the informer (DOC).

3. Natural calamities (Both).

4. Distance of place of occurance (Both).

5. Ignorance of law of informer.(DOC).

6. Late detection of commission of crime (DOC).

7. Due to threat, promise and undlue influence (DOC).

8. Economic & social and undue influence (DOC).

9. Dispute over the jurisdiction of Police Station (DOP).

10. Uncertainity of place of occurrence due to continuous offence (DOP).

11. Shortage of staff (DOP).

12. Unavoidable departmental formalities (including delay due to opinion of experts ) (DOP).

Reasons of delay should be explained in the FIR.

A First Information Report (FIR) is a written document prepared by police organizations in Bangladesh, India, and Pakistan when they receive about the commission of a cognizable offence.

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