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What does a geographical indication do?

What does a geographical indication do?

A geographical indication points to a specific place or region of production that determines the characteristic qualities of the product that originates therein. It is important that the product derives its qualities and reputation from that place. Since those qualities depend on the place of production, a specific “link” exists between the products and their original place of production.

Significance of Geographical Indication Registration

Such identification enables the product to gain a reputation and goodwill all over the world, consequently resulting in premium prices in national and international markets.

Recognition of a particular commodity as a Geographical Indication also confers the right to protection under the Geographical Indication Act, 1999, thereby preventing an unauthorised use of the commodity registered as GI by any third party.

Geographical Indication registration encourages community ownership and therefore it helps in proper distribution of the economic benefits accrued from commercialisation of the commodity across a wider section of people in that territory.

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