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What does a patent application contain?

What does a patent application contain?

A patent application has the following information –

  • Bibliographic – It is in structure format. It contains the title of the invention, date of filing, country of filing, inventor’s name etc.
  • Background of the invention or State of the art –  In this the inventor lists the state of the art available on the date of filing his invention. Here the inventor lists the shortcomings/drawbacks found in the state of the art and defines his problem.
  • Description of the invention – In this the inventor describes his invention duly supported by a series of workable examples alongwith diagrams/charts, if needed. The invention has to be described in complete details, so that any person, who is skilled in the art can work out the invention.
  • Claims –  In the last, the inventor has to bring out a series of claims establishing his rights over the state of the art. It is this portion, upon which the protection is granted and not on the description of the invention. This has to be carefully drafted.

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