What happens if Chapter 1 of Part II relating to New York Convention Awards applies? Does Chapter 2 relating to Geneva Convention Awards also apply ?

It may be noted that there are two chapters in part II relating to foreign awards and the enforcement thereof. Chapter 1 relates to New York Convention Awards. And Chapter 2 relates to Geneva Convention Awards. Chapter 2 relating to Geneva Convention Awards shall not apply in relation to foreign awards to which Chapter 1 relating to New York Convention Awards applies. (Section 52). Both these conventions cover mutually exclusive areas relating to foreign awards.


The Geneva Convention ( covered in Sections 53 to 60 of the 1996 Act) contains practically similar provisions as those relating to New York Convention Award (Sections 44 to 52 of the said Act). Hence no further questions need be framed relating to Geneva Convention Awards.






Conciliation: Mutual Conciliation of Civil Disputes has always been permissible in law. But it has been given a statutory form for the first time by the said Act, that is, the Arbitration and Conciliation Act, 1996 (Sections 61 to 85).


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