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In murder case, it contains direct evidence of murder on the basis of ocular evidence. When the Police registers the case minimizing the offence from murder to 307 or u/s 364 IPC to avoid its despatch to magistrate which otherwise is essential if case is really registered for murder.

What happens if FIR in murder case?

What happens if FIR in murder case?

This is invariably in those cases in which the informer is not sure of the culprits and priliminary enquiry is required by Police to find out the facts and to show that the case was registered properly.
When a dead body identified or unidentified is recovered, with cause of death which is clear and the injuries are apparent the neck is cut etc. When only inquest is held to discover the cause of death and the case is registered after the report of Medical Officer, or after the receipt of report of chemical examiner etc with re- gard to poison given to the deceased. Only a report is recorded in Daily Diary at the first instance.

When the death is under suspicious circumstances and inves- tigation is necessary which otherwise cannot be done without the registration of case. This is mainly in cases where dead body is not available, but the circumstances indicate that cognizable offence has occurred.


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