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The application may be accepted either absolutely or conditionally. In case of refusal or conditional acceptance of the registration, the Registrar shall record in writing the grounds for refused or conditional acceptance stating the reasons for such decisions.


After the acceptance of the application, the application will be advertised in the Geographical Indication Journal and within 3 months of such advertisement any person can file an opposition proceedings against the registration.


The Registrar will forward the copy of the opposition to the applicant and within 2 months of receipt of opposition copy, the applicant should lodge a counter statement against the opposition.


If the applicant fails to lodge the counter statement, the application would be deemed to have been abandoned.


After this procedure is over, the parties are permitted to submit evidence in support of their respective cases.


After the submission of evidence, the Registrar will give an opportunity to the parties for an oral hearing and thereafter the matter will be decided in a quasi-judicial manner. Foreign entities wanting to lodge opposition will be required to furnish security for costs.


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