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What is Custodial Interrogation?

What is Custodial Interrogation?

Is all the same as the Police remand but the custodial interrogation can be sought with the permission of court even when the person is in judicial custody. So when the interrogation of the accused is conducted, by taking the accused in Police custody.

Police Remand – Whenever any person is arrested and detained in custody and investigation could not be completed with in 24 hours and there is a accusation or information is well founded then the police officer produces him before the magistrate who authorizes the police officers to detain the accused.

In such custody to investigate, recover the articles connecting to the crime. Police remand cannot be extended more than 15 days as whole

Judicial Remand – When a person is in the custody of the court after the expiry of Police remand or if Police remand is not granted when the person is produced before the magistrate, it can not be given more than 15 days at one time but can not be extended more then 60 days where punishment is less then 10 years and 90 days where punishment is more than 10 years.

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