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 What is meant by work of an intermittent nature?

What is meant by work of an intermittent nature?

Work is deemed to be of an intermittent nature –

  • If it is of a seasonal character and is performed for not more than 60 days in a year, or

  • In other cases if it was performed for not more than 120 days in the preceding 12 months according of Section 1(5).

Coverage mean – Employees’ Provident Fund Organisation (EPFO) is managing three Schemes viz., EPF Scheme 1952, EPS 1995 and EDLI Scheme 1976. Coverage under the EPF Act means simultaneous coverage under all three Schemes, unless exemption is granted from a particular scheme.

The date on which the establishment is brought under the coverage of EPF &MP Act and the Code number (starting with KR/) is indicated in the coverage notice. The PF code number allotted is permanent and should be quoted in all returns and communications with the PF office.

Indian labour law refer to laws regulating labour in India. Traditionally Indian governments at federal and state level have sought to ensure a high degree of protection for workers, but in practice, legislative rights only cover a minority of workers.

India is a federal form of government and because labour is a subject in the concurrent list of the Indian Constitution, labour matters are in the jurisdiction of both central and state governments. Both central and state governments have enacted laws on labour relations and employment issues.

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