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What is ministerial action in administrative action?

What is ministerial action in administrative action?

A further distillate of administrative action is ministerial action. Ministerial action is that action of the administrative agency, which is taken as matter of duty imposed upon it by the law devoid of any discretion or judgment. Therefore, a ministerial action involves the performance of a definitive duty in respect of which there is no choice.

Collection of revenue may be one such ministerial action.

1. Notes and administrative instruction issued in the absence of any

2. If administrative instructions are not referable to any statutory authority they cannot have the effect of taking away rights vested in the person governed by the Act.

Administrative Law is the law related with the administrative functions of the Administrative Agencies (the Government and its Departments). The Law involves the study of the following broad topics:

  • Check abuse or detournment of administrative power
  • Ensuring citizens an impartial determination of their disputes by officials
  • Protect citizens from unauthorized encroachment on their rights and interests
  • Make those who exercise public power be accountable to people


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