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What is need for the Administrative Law?

What is need for the Administrative Law?

The emergence of the social welfare has affected the democracies very profoundly. It has led to state activism. There has occurred a phenomenal increase in the area of sate operation; it has taken over a number of functions, which were previously left to private enterprise. The state today pervades every aspect of human life.

The functions of a modern state may broadly be placed into five categories, viz, the state as:-

  1. Protector
  2. Provider
  3. Entrepreneur
  4. Economic controller
  5. Arbiter.

Administration is the all-pervading feature of life today. The province of administration is wide and embrace following things within its ambit:-

  1. It makes policies
  2. It provides leadership to the legislature
  3. It executes and administers the law
  4. It takes manifold decisions
  5. It exercises today not only the traditional functions of administration, but other varied types of functions as well
  6. It exercises legislative power and issues a plethora of rules, bye- laws and orders of a general nature.

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