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What is robbery in criminal laws?

What is robbery in criminal laws?

Robbery involves use of violence against a victim in the course of comitting a theft. Burglary involves house-breaking and theft. If a thief steals some articles from a house after breaking the lock or by opening the lock by using a false key or by scaling over the wall, etc., he is guilty of burglary. Dacoity is robbery by a gang of five or more persons.

FIR stands for First Information Report. Whenever anybody reports about any crime which discloses cognizable offence then information is entered into a register whose Performa is as per form no-24.5 (I) of Punjab Police Rule. It is the right of complainant to get a copy of First Information Report (FIR) free of cost, immediately from concerned police station. FIR can be registered either on written statement or verbal statement of complainant which is later reduced in writing by police officer and is signed by the complainant. If your complaint does not disclose any offence or your complaint discloses only non-cognizable offence, then FIR can not be registered.

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