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What is rule-decision action or quasi-judicial action in administrative action?

What is rule-decision action or quasi-judicial action in administrative action?

Today the bulk of the decisions which affect a private individual come not from courts but from administrative agencies exercising ad judicatory powers.

The reason seems to be that since administrative decision-making is also a by-product of the intensive form of government, the traditional judicial system cannot give to the people that quantity of justice, which is required in a welfare State.

Administrative decision-making may be defined, as a power to perform acts administrative in character, but requiring incidentally some characteristics of judicial traditions. On the basis of this definition, the following functions of the administration have been held to be quasi-judicial functions-

  1. Disciplinary proceedings against students.
  2. Disciplinary proceedings against an employee for misconduct.
  3. Confiscation of goods under the sea Customs Act, 1878.
  4. Cancellation, suspension, revocation or refusal to renew license or permit by licensing authority.
  5. Determination of citizenship.
  6. Determination of statutory disputes.
  7. Power to continue the detention or seizure of goods beyond a particular period.
  8. Refusal to grant ‘no objection certificate’ under the Bombay Cinemas (Regulations) Act, 1953.
  9. Forfeiture of pensions and gratuity.
  10. Authority granting or refusing permission for retrenchment.
  11. Grant of permit by Regional Transport Authority.

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