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Following are the evidentiary value of F.I.R –

  • It can not be ignored altogether and can be used to corroborate the statement of the eyewitnesses.
  • In case of contradicting the evidence of person giving the information.
  • Proving as an admission against the informer.
  • Refreshing informer’s memory.
  • Impeaching the credit of an informer.
  • Proving informer’s conduct.
  • Establishing identity of accused, witnesses & for fixing spot time.
What is the evidentiary value of F.I.R?

What is the evidentiary value of F.I.R?

In the case of FIR follow these steps –

  • FIR should be lodged immediately.
  • It should be recorded in first person.
  • Attitude/Behavious towards the vicitirn should be sympathetic.
  • Technical words should be avoided and as far as possible language of the inforrner/complainant should be used .
  • Written complaint should be taken.
  • But complainant should be at descrect to give written statement.
  •  Written statement should be duly signed or thumb impressioned.
  • Only a report of congnizable offence should be lodged in FIR.
  • Authentic information should be mentioned in FIR.
  • Place, Date & Time of occurrence should be mentioned in the FIR.
  •  Arrival & Departure of the informer should be mentioned in the FIR as well as Daily Dairy Register.
  • Delay, if any, in registering the case should be covered in FIR.
  • Description & Role of every accused involved in the Commission of offence should be covered in FIR.
  • Kind of physical damage & property destroyed should be mentioned in the FIR. 1
  • Weapon of offence and observation of Scene of crime should be mentioned in the FIR.
  • Telephone number, if any, of the complainant should also be mentioned.
  • Four copies of FIR should be prepared simultaniously by carbon paper process.
  • FIR should be lodged in neat & clean hand writing and be kept in safe custody being a permanent record.
  • A copy of FIR should be sent to MM concerned immediately.
  • A copy of FIR should be provided to the complainant free of cost.

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