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In an Arbitration other than an International Commercial Arbitration, the Arbitral Tribunal (Arbitrator/Arbitrators) shall decide the disputes in accordance with the substantive Law for the time being in force in India;

In International Commercial Arbitration :-

(i) the dispute is to be decided in accordance with the Law as agreed by the parties to be applicable to the dispute.

(ii) Such agreed Law or legal system as agreed to be applicable shall be construed unless otherwise expressed, as directly referring to the substantive Law of that country and not to its conflict of Laws rules;

(iii) Failing any agreement as to the Law applicable by the parties, the Arbitrator shall apply the rules of Law it considers to be appropriate, given all the circumstances surrounding the disputes.

In all cases the Arbitrator shall decide in accordance with the terms of the contract and shall take in to account the usages of the trade applicable to the transaction.


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